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Specialists in simplifying complex businesses with Enterprise Apps.

If softwares are new to a business, there can be a lot of roadblocks. Having transformed more than 30 big brands end-to-end. Business Digitisation is a forte of the team at Appsquare.

Making Manual Processes Digital

Ordering, Approvals, Inspections, Auditing and so much more. Are dependent on key executives and makes the company slow. Our apps get it done in seconds.

Monitoring Assets, Staff and Success.

Which executive, at what time, did what action that caused any problem. Just one complex question. But many such can be answered in realtime, with our Monitoring Apps.

Joy of automated Businesses that scale.

Softwares are the boon for businesses in this era. Make your business independent of individuals and hassles. Attain the joy of speed and scale.

Building Successful App Startups

Executing ideas is a team sport. We only collaborate when our visions align. And then we only look ahead. Here is our App Development Process for Startups.




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with Modern Experiences

E-Commerce, Web Experiences

Mere online pages are lifeless. They should be experiences. Much like this page, you are reading right now. Appsquare creates premium Web & Shopping Experiences.

Chatbots, Voice Intergation

Growing businesses demand scalable communication. Appsquare builds industry leading Chatbots with AI capabilities for Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

API Integration

The world of Apps becomes smarter with integrations with one another. Appsquare enables many many softwares interoperable with APIs, making Apps more powerful.

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