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No Cost Learning, Devices and Guidance by Team Appsquare. For those who can make a difference but cannot escape the hustle of life. Join us to showcase your true tech metal.


Join us at our premises. Use our devices. Learn from us.


Discover and Design your App Ideas. Code them to reality.


If your apps are really really good. We make investors meet you.

This has helped me a lot. Every session was just amazing, they are so helpful. I have humble beginnings, but definitely a shining future.

Prabhat Das2019 Chosen Learners Batch

2021. 3 Seasons.

2021 is even bigger for Learning. 3 seasons, each dedicated to distinct disciplines.



Foundation & Design

Everything from the very basic. The industry knowledge. And a great App prototype in the end.



Code Test Code

Choose your Tech. Make apps on iOS, Android and also the web. Learn about testing and Maintenance.


AUG-OCT 2021

Product. Business. Growth.

Manage your app. Business Understanding. Product Management and growth.

2021 Season A Curriculum

This year we start from the very basics of technology and dive deep in the importance of User Experience and Design. Entire 6 weeks of Season A are devoted to Foundation, User Experience and UI Design. And just this for now. Season B in March will be all about Code.

Foundation 1
The basic foundation of Technology and how it all came to be.
Foundation 2
The spectrum of Devices, Softwares, Internet and Apps.
Foundation 3
Various Disciplines for your role in a Tech Company. UX, Design, Development & Management.
User Experience 1
What is User Experience. The basics and the journey of human interaction with technology.
User Experience 2
Learn to analyse, research and create human behaviour patterns. Understand the Do's & Don'ts. The impact of your decisions.
User Interface Design 1
Tools to create great UI. Create UI in Sketch. Make Prototypes using Invision. Test them on users and reiterate.
User Interface Design 2
Design Guidelines by Apple, Android and for Web. Making makes the best UI.
User Interface Design 3
Colors, Typography, Minimalism and the power of UI decisions. Make great App UI.
Season A Final:
Create your App Design & Prototype. And submit the for review in 15 days.
Season A Awards:
The best chosen concepts and design get an award from us. And a special place in Season B.

Learn. Build. Rise.

Make a better tomorrow